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Changing User Dir Ownership

One nite while working on something late, i screwed up and accidently changed the ownership of all the user home dirs on the machine to being owned by me. Instead of berating myself all nite, i wrote 2 small scripts to change them back to the proper ownership.
Bascially what i want to do is change the ownership of each dir in /usr/home to the name of the dir. In other words, I want the dir /usr/home/ed owned by ed. First I need to list all the dirs in /usr/home. BTW: both scripts for this resided in /usr/home for this. Modify to suit your needs. The first script was like this:
/bin/ls | /usr/bin/xargs -n1 /usr/home/

Now the consisted of this:
/usr/sbin/chown -R $NAME $NAME

 The first script did an ls but then fed each single dir name to one at a time. The second script took took the output from the first script and used it as teh arguments for the chown. Thus together the scripts read each dir/file name in /usr/home and then chown the dir to the username that is the same as the dir name. I have actually used this about 5 times now to save me from quite a bit of boring work fixing typos/mistakes.
 I was working on a way to do it all in one file, but couldn't get it to properly feed the dir name twice to the chown command. I might play with this more later and try to get that done, but for now it works and functions just fine for my uses.

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