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Chroot Environment for FreeBSD

These scripts are made for a chroot'ed environment for users on your FreeBSD system, the comments in the code should guide you through, man chroot if you're not sure what chroot() is. Extremely secure environment for your users on your computer and doesn't take alot of load or memory.


gcc -o chbash chbash.c

mv chbash /bin/

echo "/bin/chbash" >> /etc/shells

Create a skel in /home (mkdir /home/skel)

Copy all privledged files and binaries to the the /home/skel.

Run ./lndir /home/skel /home/user. This creates the links for you and saves a TON of space on your Disk....

adduser user and apoint them the chbash shell when prompted during adduser and your set. chbash.c


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