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Making a Cat 5 Cross Over Cable

If you have ever needed to connect two hubs, or switches together. Or even just connect two computers together without a hub, then you have needed to make a cross over cable. If you are not aware on how to do this, then you need to follow the below instructions so that you may make this cable and solve all of your problems.

Note :
 You will notice that one end has one wiring layout, and the other end has another layout. You need to make sure each end IS differnt, otherwise this will not work.

1. White / Green
2. Green
3. White / Orange
4. Blue
5. White / Blue
6. Orange
7. White / Brown
8. Brown

1. White / Orange
2. Orange
3. White / Green
4. Blue
5. White / Blue
6. Green
7. White / Brown
8. Brown


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