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Understanding commands in FreeBSD that are like MS-Dos

This article is to help newbies that are familiar with MS-Dos to understand commands that Microsoft barrowed from Unix. So, if you know your Dos commands, this will give you a idea on command that you can run in unix to perform the same task that you would be in under Dos. If you need further information on this, do :  man command for example:     
          man chmod
 this would give you all the documentation that you would need to understand
and use chmod.

MS-Dos to Unix cross over information :

ATTRIB - chmod

BACKUP - cpio, tar

CALL - exec

CD - cd

CHDIR - cd

CLS - clear

COPY - cp

DATE - date

DEL - rm

DELTREE - rm -r

DIR - ls

DOSKEY - history

ECHO - echo

EDIT - vi

FIND - find

MKDIR - mkdir

MODE - stty, tty

MORE - more

MOVE - mv

MSBACKUP - cpio, tar

PATH - setenv PATH


RENAME - move

RESTORE - cpio, tar

RMDIR - rmdir

TIME - date

TYPE - more, page

VER - uname

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