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FreeBSD machine as the gateway

Setup on the Windows Machine:
Make sure you have a TCP/IP Protocol setup for your network card
2. Need to set the network address as for the Windows machine.  The gateway needs to be, and netmask is  This is all set in the TCP/IP in the network section of the control panel.
3. Under DNS Configuration, click on Enable DNS, then place the machine name of your 95 machine in the host section, for example: machine1  then in the domain section, put your ISP name example:
  Under DNS Server search order, put the main Ip of your ISP that your FreeBSD machine will be connecting to.

FreeBsd Machine Setup:
1. Most of the files that we will be modifying are in the /etc directory.
2. For all example's we are going to use the network card on our examples as
device ``ed0".  In your rc.conf file, in the /etc directory we need to have something that looks similar to this.

### Basic network options: ###
hostname=""      # Set this!
nisdomainname="NO"                             # Set to NIS domain if using NIS (or NO).
firewall_enable="YES"                            # Set to YES to enable firewall functionality
firewall_type="OPEN"                            # Firewall type (see /etc/rc.firewall)
firewall_quiet="YES"                              # Set to YES to suppress rule display
tcp_extensions="YES"                            # Allow RFC1323 & RFC1644 extensions (or NO).
network_interfaces="ed0 tun0 lo0"          # List of network interfaces (lo0 is loopback).
#ifconfig_lo0="inet"                 # default loopback device configuration.
#ifconfig_lo0_alias0="inet netmask 0xffffffff"     # Sample alias entry.
ifconfig_ed0="inet   netmask"
ifconfig_tun0="inet netmask"
ifconfig_lo0="inet "                  #default loopback

### Network routing options: ###
defaultrouter=""              # Set to default gateway (or NO).
#static_routes="foo " route_foo=" -netmask 0xf0000000 -interface"              # Set to static route list (or leave
gateway_enable="YES"                   # Set to YES if this host will be a gateway.
router_enable="YES"                      # Set to YES to enable a routing daemon.
router="routed"                               # Name of routing daemon to use if enabled.
router_flags="-q"                            # Flags for routing daemon.
mrouted_enable="NO"                   # Do multicast routing (see /etc/mrouted.conf).
ipxgateway_enable="NO"              # Set to YES to enable IPX routing.ipxrouted_enable="NO"                 # Set to YES to run the IPX routing daemon.
ipxrouted_flags=""                          # Flags for IPX routing daemon.
arpproxy_all=""                              # obsolete kernel option ARP_PROXY_ALL equiv.

Dialing the FreeBSD Machine type: "ppp -alias -auto PROFILENAME"


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