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boot floppies - how to make for FreeBSD

There are a couple of different methods for creating boot disks to install FreeBSD.
Remember to use a good quality floppy disk when creating boot disks, why waste time and have to make them again because you used a cheap disk. (HINT: Those nasty AOL disks work great) 

Method Number 1:

Insert the FreeBSD CDROM #1 into a Dos or Windows machine. From the floppies dir on the FreeBSD CDROM copy the kern.flp and the mfsroot.flp to a dir you have created on the Windows/Dos machine. Then from the tools dir on the FreeBSD CDROM copy rawrite.exe into the same dir as the boot.flp and the kern.flp.

Type rawrite and follow the directions:

Enter source file name: Enter kern.flp here
Enter destination drive: Enter A: here
Please insert a formatted diskette into drive A: and press -ENTER- :
The floppy will then be created, repeat the above steps for the mfsroot.flp.

Method Number 2:

Very similar to the steps above except you copy fdimage.exe along with kern.flp and mfsroot.flp
to a dir that you have created.

Type fdimage kern.flp A:
The disk will be created after a few minutes. Repeat the step for the mfsroot.flp.

Method Number 3:

This is for creating the floppy disks from a Unix machine. First off you need to be in the directory
where kern.flp and if mfsroot.flp are located. An easy way would be to copy these files to your usr dir. You need to be root to use this command.

dd if=kern.flp of=/dev/fd0 this creates a boot image of kern.flp to the floppy disk.
dd if=mfsroot.flp of=/dev/fd0 this creates an image of mfsroot.flp to the floppy disk.

Make sure you use good floppy disks when doing these steps, nothing worse than a floppy disk not reading when you are half way done.


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