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Creating a Issues Message for FreeBSD

Following these steps you will have a /etc/issue msg just like some linux systems
1- make sure you are root ( type whoami ) if it shows root then following
the coming steps
2- edit /etc/gettytab with a text editor ( for example vi , if you are a real newbie then use pico or ee )

3- add if=/etc/issue: to the following section from your /etc/gettytab

    :cb:ce:ck:lc:fd#1000:im=%s/%i (%h) (%t)\n:sp#1200:

which will make it something like

    :cb:ce:ck:lc:fd#1000:im=%s/%r (%h) (%t)\n:sp#1200:if=/etc/issue:

4- creat a file in /etc called issue and place your message there and do - chmod 644 issue - to make it readable by users.

5- restart your init to get changes working " kill -HUP 1 " will restart
init and re-read the gettytab file. the -HUP to restart and 1 for init PID (process ID) init is always process with pid 1

   * for more information check
  All info in this doc been used from the real site mentioned above.

 Article Written and donated by: Big

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