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Guide to jpilot in FreeBSD:

 Okay, I admit it, i broke down and bought me a PalmIIIe. You know, the clear ones. Yeah, I liked the clear ones and I am a cheap bastard, so it was the one for me. I also am not sold on USB due to old hardware I use everyday. Serial ports. Anyway, I got it all hooked up and I installed jpilot which installed pilot-link as a dependency (both are ports). 
Okay, here is a catch that I got into, pilot-link will work fine the first time, but after a reboot, it gives you an error and won't run. This is due to your system not seeing the lib files for pilot-link correctly. I know there is a more correct way to explain it. but let me tell you how I cured it. I added the /usr/local/pilot/lib directory to my /etc/defaults/rc.conf on the line for the ldconfig_paths. Its probably best to put this whole line in your /etc/rc.conf, but I was daring/stupid. Now it reads in that directory for the ldconfig on bootup. 
Okay, other catch I ran into was getting a user on the palm the first time so I could get it to pull my info from the palm into jpilot. Use the install-user command such as:
/usr/local/pilot/bin/install-user /dev/cuaa0 technoid 2
BTW: change the /dev/cuaa0 to what ever addy your cradle sits on.
 Once that is done, you will need to setup the jpilot software. It isn't in your path by default, but you can add it if you are too lazy to type out the whole command line or cd to that directory. I just setup and button in my windowmaker to fire it for me. Once in the jpilot program, goto File and then Preferences. You will need to tell jpilot what comport to use and what speed to use. Personally, I am set at /dev/cuaa1 and 38400. You can also play with number formats in this menu. Once done with that you can go one using jpilot. I suggest doing a backup first of any data you have on your Palm. The rest of the program is pretty easy to understand, so go at it.
BTW: the jpilot webpage is at

Check it out, it has the real HowTo and stuff like that.

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