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Changing and Compiling the Kernel

The Kernel is placed in the /sys/i386/conf  directory once you have modified the file, we need to do the following steps.

Step 1
  Being we are compiling a custom Kernel, we are going to nickname the Kernel name to be  ``hellokitty", NOTE: the Kernel is located in :

Step 2
  Logged in as Root, type the following line.
     /usr/sbin/config hellokitty

Step 3
 Once step 2 is completed and take you back to a prompt, type this line to start the compiling process.
     cd ../../compile/hellokitty

Step 4
 Now we need to do make depend
   make depend

Step 5
  Well we are almost done, the kernel has been compiled, we now to to make it.  So, type the following

Step 6
  This is the final Step, Type :
   make install 
once this process has been completed, Type the following to reboot your machine to make all the above changes take affect.
      shutdown -r now


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