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Sharity Light / How-To

Sharity-Light is used to mount network shares to a mount point. eg. /home/lostsoul/share1 can be mounted to //NTBOX/Share1/ and so on. You must have previously installed samba or some sort of protcol to run nmbd. The netbios daemon so to speak. Anyway lets get down to it. 

 You have two ways of installing. Through ports or package. In this howto I will be doing it with pkg_add to add a .tgz package that I will download from

1) #

Obtain that file and place anywhere on your system. Here I will be placing it in /root/

  # cd /root/
  # pkg_add sharity-light-1.2.tgz
  # rm sharity-light-1.2.tgz

2) Getting it all working

First you are going to need to edit /etc/hosts accordingly. Place the netbios name in there of the computer(s) that you want to give access too.

  e.g # ee /etc/hosts win2k
  # mkdir /box
  # cd /usr/local/sbin
  # ./shlight //NETBIOSNAME/SHARE1 /box -U somelogin -P somepassword

NETBIOSNAME = The computer's Netbios name on the network.
SHARE1    = The shared directory on that computer that you have setup.
/box     = Where the mount will take place.
-U      = Login username if you are going to use a login/password network scheme. Leave this out if there is no username.
-P    = Password, Password for the network share. If you are not going to be using a login/password network scheme. Leave this out.


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