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; $Id: named.boot,v 1.3 1995/03/23 08:43:02 rgrimes Exp $

; From: @(#)named.boot 5.1 (Berkeley) 6/30/90
; boot file for secondary name server
; Note that there should be one primary entry for each SOA record.

; comments in the DNS config files should ONLY be ; (semi-colons)
; don't use anything else or you will be sorry.

; the directory where all the other files are stored (named.root,
; named.local...)

directory /etc/namedb
; type     domain         source host/file  backup file
cache      .              named.root

; this server will act on any requests made to it
; for anything under the domain ""
; ie.
; this file is responcible for mapping names to IPs

primary named.local

; this file is responcible for mapping IPs to names
; it is ESSENTIAL that the subnet is backwards here:
; because my domain is to I have:
; if it was to it would be:

primary named.rev.local

; this is the config file for the "loopback" address

primary named.rev.127.local

; if my server doesn't know something,
; it forwards requests to other DNS servers in this order


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