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Petidomo - Mailing List Program- FreeBSD

1. Unpack the tar archive: gunzip <archivename | tar xf -
2. su to the super user
3. Create a user petidomo and a group petidomo. The home directory of this user is the place where the whole package will be installed. The user doesn't need a valid password and shell.
4. As superuser, cd into the directory `petidomo- your-architecture-name' and start ./
5. Answer all questions asked by the script truthfully.

HINT: The true key to getting Petidomo to working, is to make sure that you have the cgi-bin directory correct. In FreeBSD, the directory is:
 This is where you will run the petidomoconf.cgi from, if you don' get a menu that looks like this... Then you need to locate the correct cgi-bin directory.

 From this point, you can configure, and modify your new Mailing List.


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