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Securing FTP traffic over an SSH connection

(assuming you're using windows to connect to a *nix server)

1. Launch SSH.
2. Go to the preferences and click on the tab 'forwarding' (or 'tunneling' in the new SSH2).
3. Select 'local' forwarding (all connections to the specified port on the local computer will be forwarded over the SSH connection to the specified port on the remote computer), port 21 on both local and remote computer (or, if the remote ftp server is using some other port, change that remote port accordingly) and fill in the remote computer's name/IP.
4. Connect to the remote computer with SSH.
5. Launch your FTP client and connect to your localhost, with the remote server's login name and password and you're all set. Everything is now tunneled through the SSH secure connection.

 If you're using *nix - *nix connections, read through SSH man pages and look for the -L option (local forwarding).
 Securing FTP traffic over an SSH connection when connecting to a Windows FTP server is a bit more cumbersome and I won't cover it here. Just use Linux/Unix ;)
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