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Setting up chroot for the stock FTPD

In order implement chroot into the stock ftpd in FreeBSD, you need to re-compile the ftpd source to include ftpd_internal_ls. Follow these steps and you'll be on your way to chroot'ing your users in no time!

1. Kill the inetd process
2. vi /etc/make.conf
3. Insert FTPD_INTERNAL_LS=YES at the bottom of the file
4. cd /usr/src/libexec/ftpd
5. make clean
6. make all
7. make install

You're done! Now ... to implement the chroot, you must have a /etc/ftpchroot file. This is where you mark which users/groups will be chroot'ed to their login directories. If you want to add an entire group, do so by putting a "@" in front of the group name (ie @users). If you want to add a single user, simply add their login name into the list.

Example/Explanation of the /etc/ftpchroot file


@users<--- Would chroot the *entire* "users" group to their respective login directories.
@temp  <--- Ditto above, this time for the "temp" group.
@group1 <--- Ditto above, this time for the "group1" group.
login1 <--- This would only chroot the user "login1" to their login directory.
login2 <--- Same as above for user "login2".
login3 <--- Same as above for user "login3".


I think you get the idea as to what is going on in the /etc/ftpchroot file.
Don't forget to restart inetd.

By: s0kett

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