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Configuring TCP Wrappers in FreeBSD

This article is a general guide to configuring TCP Wrappers on your system.

TCP Wrappers can deny access to services from certain hosts, domains or everyone, and will make a note of it in syslog.


First you need to find out the name of the service you want to block. This can usually be obtained from /etc/inetd.conf

Some common examples are:

telnet     -   telnetd
finger     -   fingerd
ftp      -   ftpd
portmapper   -   portmap

The next step is to enter the information into /etc/hosts.equiv

A sample entry to deny everyone from accessing fingerd is to add the following line:

fingerd : ALL : banners /etc/banners/reject

This will deny all hosts from connecting to fingerd, and will display a message according to the contents of the file /etc/banners/reject/fingerd in place.
(Note: you will most probably have to create this)

You can block specific hosts, or domains, with one of the following lines:

fingerd : : banners /etc/banners/reject


fingerd : : banners /etc/banners/reject

These examples will display a banner message in place of the service

To just block the host and display nothing, just use the syntax:

fingerd : : deny

That will get you started on blocking hosts using tcpwrappers!

More advanced techniques can be found in the examples in /etc/hosts.equiv

-- sparc

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