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Upgrading to a -stable kernel under FreeBsd

First you need to be root so:

Now since ur are root cd into:
>cd /usr/share/examples/cvsup

Now, that u are in the correct dir, ee, vi, or what ever editor you like to use to:
>ee stable-supfile

In there you will see: CHANGE_THIS. Do what it says and change it to:

Well then exit saveing your work. Then do:
<FONTCOLOR=RED>cvsup stable-supfile

ok after cvsup is done, you go in to
>cd /usr/src
then... type "make world" with out the qoutes of course. that will take a long time, anyhow.

after that's done you have to recompile your kernel.
so you go into /usr/src/sys/i386/conf.
do a ls, so you can see a list of files.

anyhow you will see GENERIC and LINT and NEWCARD.
GENERIC is your kernel but you dont want to copile generic.
so what you do is.

example: say i want my kernel name to by BLAH so what i do is
got it?

than do a

example, remember when i made my kernel name be BLAH?
well i would do a "config BLAH" got it?

allright it will tell you
"Don't forget to do a "make depend"
Kernel build directory is ../../compile/BLAH
so i go there... examp. cd ../../compile/BLAH
then when im there i do a...
you can do these seperate but i do them all to gather.
make depend && make && make install

after that's done, reboot, and you will see when you login it will say 4.X STABLE. and that means you just upgraded!!

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