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Howto create virtual user-domain setups in the same fashion create yourself a file in /etc/postfix called virtual

vi /etc/postfix/virtual

how this works is like this in the same type of way virtusertable did it
with sendmail this follows suite only with one addition mostly..
below here is an example between the --cuts-- how it would look.

------------------------------- cut ---------------------------------        anything   physical_user_on_box   some_other_user_on_box


anything in this just means anything it does nothing but should be
there i suppose..
now something@ is in regaurds to say is your clients email
and they want 2 emails to go to the same user persay, support@ and info@
so ..     your_clients_username    your_clients_username

now of course.. your_clients_username is there account they have on your
box they use to check there email, so therefore now info@ and support@
will forward to the one user account, just follow suite for additional

once you have this file created, do..

postmap /etc/mail/virtual

this gives you your *.db file..

before you reload postfix add this to your postfix

virtual_maps = hash:/etc/postfix/virtual


postfix reload


Written by: Didjital One

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