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DNS Setup with FreeBSD

1. Make sure you are Root

2. Make the directory /etc/namedb (name is arbitrary, but this makes the most sense to me.)
    * In the directory /usr/ports/net/bind8 / You need to do the following command
       make all install clean

3. You will need at least 5 files in this directory (note that the names can be arbitrary, but these make the most sense to me). Follow the following links to see my DNS system files with comments galore. Do NOT forget to change the serial number in each file whenever you change something. You can then restart NAMEd with a kill -HUP.
    * named.boot - responcible for giving the NAMEd an idea on how to start things up.
    * named.root - database of the root servers.
    * named.local - database for translating names into IP numbers.

4. You must now start NAMEd via:
    * named -b /etc/namedb/named.boot
  The -b tells it where to locate named.boot.

5. Now you must configure local machines to 'point' to your new DNS server. In FreeBSD you can do this via editing the file /etc/resolv.conf, DO NOT forget to do this on the NAMEd server too.
    * resolv.conf - file responcible for client side DNS queries.

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